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NVision Films - Lens Fx Bundle

NVision Films - Lens Fx Bundle


The NVision Films - Lens Fx Bundle is a collection of handmade effects designed for use with Davinci Resolve. The bundle includes macro presets that add interesting effects that mimic lens filters seen in today's hottest music videos. Whether used alone or stacked, these effects add an extra layer of depth and creativity to your video edits. Take your work to the next level with this innovative bundle from NVision Films.



  • Presets

    Glass Eye



    Aint it Glitch'n


    mimic different lens lens filters you would use on your favorite lenses.  customize them with sliders and use keyframes

    all presets work best with Compound Clips. so compound them before applying effect for best results

  • Flares

    including 2 flare overlays to add and extra element to your favorite looks

  • Color Setting


    Dreamer help add an extra dreamy effect with a little texture.  Add this ontop of your favorite clips to bring them out. Think of a a Pro-Mist but on a Film camera

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