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Nvision Films - Resolve Starter Bundle

Nvision Films - Resolve Starter Bundle

$10.00 Regular Price
$0.99Sale Price

The NVISION Film Resolve Starter Bundle is a comprehensive toolkit tailored for music video editors, offering captivating overlays, seamless transitions, diverse mattes, and streamlined macros to effortlessly synchronize visuals with the rhythm and emotion of every track.


To see how to use this bundle click here 

  • Video Assets





    Use these as tranisiton, overlays, stack them and use some "Difference" compositions. 
    Speed ramp them, crossfade. add as a transition between 2 clips.  
    just use your imagination.

  • Resolve Plugin


    Use it on a COMPOUND CLIP to make the length of clip.
    the features are adjusting the tail trail, adjusting keyframes for start and end points

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