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Service Description

Our music video production services go beyond the ordinary, ensuring a collaborative and comprehensive approach. We engage in detailed planning with our clients, developing breakdowns and storyboards that serve as the foundation for a visually stunning project. Filming days are meticulously organized with detailed itineraries, and our casting sheets streamline the talent selection process. Legal aspects are carefully handled through the provision of location and talent release forms. What sets us apart is our versatility – we seamlessly execute both run-and-gun style shooting and planned storyboards, showcasing adaptability in our creative process. Our commitment to quality extends to the equipment we use. With standard 3-point lighting, Ursa Mini 4.6k, Pocket 6k cameras, and a range of lenses, we ensure that every frame meets the highest standards. For those seeking a glimpse behind the scenes, we offer the option of a dedicated photographer, capturing the magic of the production process (additional charges may apply). List of Services and Equipment: Collaborative Planning: Work closely with clients to plan and execute music videos according to their vision. Breakdowns and Storyboards: Develop comprehensive breakdowns and create detailed storyboards for a clear project roadmap. Filming Day Organization: Provide meticulous itineraries for filming days, ensuring a smooth and organized production process. Casting Sheets: Assist in casting by supplying detailed casting sheets for talent selection. Legal Documentation: Furnish location and talent release forms to gain control of productions and ensure legal compliance. Versatile Shooting Styles: Offer both run-and-gun style shooting and planned storyboards, showcasing adaptability in our approach. High-Quality Equipment: Standard 3-point lighting for optimal visual impact. Ursa Mini 4.6k and Pocket 6k cameras for exceptional video quality. Multiple ranges of lenses to capture diverse perspectives. Optional Behind-the-Scenes Photography: Provide a behind-the-scenes photographer upon request, with additional charges applicable.

  • From 800 US dollars

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations are non-refundable. A reschedule fee will be applied, and the new date must be available for rescheduling.

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